Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Next Chapter

Big news! Dave and I just closed on what will be our brick and mortar storefront, Helium Studio. In what was formerly a used bookstore in the Main Street historic district of Wayne, Michigan, we plan to offer our own handmade jewelry, as well as jewelry and other handcrafted items by local artists. But before we can plan a grand opening, there are about 10,000 used books to inventory and liquidate. Then rehab and remodel the space, which hasn't been updated in years. And in the meantime, get the word out to the community and invite artists who would be perfect for our collection of fab goods. Stay tuned for book sale news and other updates!

Monday, January 5, 2015

How do you keep your lists?

I find that I can be more productive when I keep a list of to-dos. I know, not shocking. Everybody's doing it. 

As of yesterday, I'm using a sharpie and a note pad that I plan to keep available so that when things come to me, blah blah. I'm even numbering the to-dos. Great, huh? 

Well, you would think that with so much to do I would have awakened at the crack of dawn and started with item one. Well, I slept in a little later than the crack of dawn. Then I went to an estate sale (not on my list) and to shop for a padded envelope to mail a book (on my list, but Dollar Store didn't have one large enough). Then I made myself some tomato soup, clickety-clacked through Facebook and now I'm blogging. Still can't cross anything off. Back to the list. 
But I did get a nice piece of pottery at that estate sale.
How do you keep your lists?