Monday, January 5, 2015

How do you keep your lists?

I find that I can be more productive when I keep a list of to-dos. I know, not shocking. Everybody's doing it. 

As of yesterday, I'm using a sharpie and a note pad that I plan to keep available so that when things come to me, blah blah. I'm even numbering the to-dos. Great, huh? 

Well, you would think that with so much to do I would have awakened at the crack of dawn and started with item one. Well, I slept in a little later than the crack of dawn. Then I went to an estate sale (not on my list) and to shop for a padded envelope to mail a book (on my list, but Dollar Store didn't have one large enough). Then I made myself some tomato soup, clickety-clacked through Facebook and now I'm blogging. Still can't cross anything off. Back to the list. 
But I did get a nice piece of pottery at that estate sale.
How do you keep your lists?