Thursday, March 1, 2012

sometimes i think this way - is that so wrong?

Wasted Life by bockel24
Wasted Life, a photo by bockel24 on Flickr.

i. hate. housecleaning. period. but i guess no one really likes it, right? like my once-a-year mani-pedi, i may just have to indulge myself with a bathroom+kitchen cleaning spree ... done by someone else! hey, if cleaning my kitchen is their livelihood, so be it! i shouldn't be ashamed that i'm not doing it myself, right?

well, now that i've pouted ... isn't this a great collage (digital, i think) by bockel24? check out marion's flickr photostream to see more of her inspiring work!

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bockel24 said...

sounds like you´re a like-minded person, LOL! I HATE HOUSEWORK! Thanks for your kind words about my digi collage!