Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couponing is in Fashion

With some of my Christmas money (thanks, mom and dad) I purchased a very chic coupon wallet. Yeah, I said a chic coupon wallet. Miles more beautiful than my old ratty plastic one with the limp elastic band to keep it closed. And it velcroes to the cart, and stays open while I shop! I'm still couponing after a phase during which I was a bit too intense about it (paid subscription to a matching service, etc.). Sometimes I let the coupons dictate what we ate, not the other way around. So, with a goal of continuing to eat healthy in 2012, I continue to clip coupons for things I know we'll need, and what I know is pretty healthy. And I use these free sites like these to discover serendipitous matches:
Oh, and here are some great etsy sellers who make cool coupon wallets.

Share your faves!

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Kim White-Jenkins said...

Someone asked me to share where I got the coupon wallet: It's from Amazon.

If you need a thicker one with more dividers, there is that option. href="" They're both sweet!