Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy birthday, Mom!

  by KimWJenkins
Mom and Brian, a photo by KimWJenkins on Flickr.
My mom's birthday is February 5, but I ran across this picture from summer 2010 and I love it and think it's fitting to pay tribute to her today, a couple of days early! So Happy Birthday, Mary Ann White!

I treasure this pic because it represents the character of my mom. She stands behind my son in the picture, like she stands behind all of her grandchildren - all 12 of them! Like a sentry, she is looking out for all of them. Add five children (and their spouses and significant others) and a husband and all the rest of the people in her life that she cares about and you can imagine how much "looking out" she's been and will continue to be doing.

For 70 years, Mom, you have been a blessing to so many. Here's to many more! We love you! xoxo

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